Dragon Personal Air Vehicle

rotor x dragon

Experience the world from above...

What will you do with your Dragon?

Introducing the all-new DRAGON Personal Air vehicle. Build and fly your very own ultralight all-electric personal air vehicle. This easy-build eVTOL does not require a pilot’s license in the United States and can be assembled over a weekend. Reserve your spot in line with a $19,500 deposit today.

Evolution of the Dragon

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Dragon Specifications

dragon personal air vehicle

Factory Build Assist

2 Hour Charge Time

Ballistic Parachute

0 min
Flight Time
0 lbs
Pilot Weight
0 mph
Max Speed

Black Dragon V1 Test Flight – 12/6/22

Yellow Dragon V2 Test Flight – 4/20/23

Dragon V3.2 Test Flight 8/17/23

Dragon Features

Swappable Batteries

When your battery gets low, simple swap them out for a fresh pack.

Auto-Hover, Auto-Takeoff, Auto Landing

No helicopter experience is necessary to operate the Dragon PAV, the system takes over in questionable situations.

Easy-Build Kit

Assemble your Dragon kit in a couple of days versus several months or years as with other kit aircraft.

No Pilot's License

As an ultralight aircraft, there is no pilot's license required in the United States. We will provide training at on of our facilities.

News and Media

rotorx dragon

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Dragon Personal Air Vehicle

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Place a deposit of $19,500 to reserve your slot for a new Rotor X Dragon kit. Upon placing your order, you will receive a receipt and an email with your place in line. Deliveries begin in fall 2023.

The full kit price is $89,500 and the balance is due when your kit is ready to ship. If you decide to change your mind before it ships, a refund of your deposit will be sent back to you when the first kits ship later this year. 

We do offer discounts for paying off your kit early and for dealers.