Introducing the DRAGON Personal Air Vehicle

Through a partnership between defense contractor Advanced Tactics and America’s top two-seat helicopter company, Rotor X Aircraft, comes the new standard in recreation for those with an appetite for excitement and adventure. With delivery beginning in September of 2023 and a price tag of under $100,000, the new Dragon Personal Air Vehicle is positioned to change the concept of outdoor recreation.

The all-new DRAGON Personal Air Vehicle is the safest and easiest to fly personal air vehicle in the world. With speeds of over 60 mph and a passenger weight of up to 250 lbs, this fully-electric ultralight eVTOL aircraft is nothing short of a thrill. Currently, the flight time is around 20 minutes, however, due to the modular design of the aircraft, you will be able to easily swap the batteries when the charge gets low. 

The DRAGON Personal Air Vehicle comes with safety features and a level of performance that is unmatched by other emerging single seat eVTOLs. Some of the safety features include a ballistic parachute, sensor-driven auto takeoff and landing system, reinforced aluminum landing gear, and a co-axial propeller configuration which means that if one motor stops, the others will compensate allowing you to land safely.

Under the FAA’s part 103 regulation, the DRAGON Personal Air Vehicle is classified as an Ultralight eVTOL Aircraft which means you do not need a pilot’s license to fly it. You also do not need a 3rd class medical so if that is why you were unable to get your pilot’s license, you will still be able to fly the DRAGON Personal Air Vehicle.

Operating your DRAGON is as easy as flying a drone but Advanced Tactics/Rotor X will also provide free online training as well as, in-person training at the Advanced Tactics facility.

The components of your DRAGON will ship all together along with the tools you’ll need to complete the build. The innovative design of this ultralight eVTOL aircraft allows for a quick and easy assembly. Buyers will also be provided with instructions and a video guide. For those that require extra guidance, there is also the option of utilizing our builder assist program at one of three builder assist/training facilities around the country. With this program you will be able to assemble your Dragon while also learning to fly it.

There are many unique features of the DRAGON ultralight eVTOL PAV.  Because the Dragon eVTOL PAV began as an unmanned military aircraft technology development over the last 12 years, it has several unique autonomous functions and safety features.  Another totally unique feature in this industry is that there will be a 2-seat version of the Dragon eVTOL for pilot training, and there will also be builder assist and pilot training facilities in several locations in the USA with California, Arizona, Texas, and Georgia on the list.  

This joint effort is expected to see the kit version of the DRAGON ultralight eVTOL PAV rolling off the assembly line in a new facility in Chandler, Arizona as an easy-to-assemble kit by the fall of 2023.  The Dragon ultralight eVTOL PAV kit is expected to take only a week, or 2 weekends, to assemble, and require only a few hours of training that includes following FAA Part 103 flight regulations for ultralight aircraft.  With the ability to continue hovering even after a motor fails and having a ballistic parachute and helicopter safety landing gear the DRAGON eVTOL PAV aircraft will be the safest in the industry.     

The development and testing of this commercial aircraft – the Dragon ultralight eVTOL PAV – was internally funded by Advanced Tactics and is licensed by Rotor X Aircraft to sell and produce the DRAGON eVTOL PAV kits for the general public.

Those interested in being a DRAGON owner should go to the website and make their $19,500 pre-order deposit now while the introductory $85,000 price is available for the first 100 DRAGON kits sold. The regular DRAGON kit price is expected to be $99,000 after the first 100 pre-order kit sales are completed. The first DRAGON kits are estimated to start delivery by September 2023.   

Website:  Dragon – Personal Air Vehicle (


  • Empty Weight: 253lbs
  • Max Passenger Weight: 250lbs
  • Max Flight Time: 20 minutes
  • Top Speed: 63mph
  • Battery Type: Lithium Batteries (LiPo 100V)
  • Motors: 8 Electric 16kW motors
  • Chassis Type: Aluminum Frame
  • 3-Axis Joystick
  • Battery Recharge Time: 2 hours


Length: 118.1 in

Height: 77.3 in 

Width: 78.5 in (with arms extended)

Safety Features:

  • Ballistic Parachute
  • Low Battery Alerts
  • Reinforced aluminum landing gear
  • Hands-free Hover
  • Auto Takeoff and Landing System
  • Co-axial Configuration (if a motor stops, the other propellers will pick up the slack)


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