Auto Evolution – The RotorX Dragon Is Here as the World’s First Personal Air Vehicle That Anyone Can Fly

9 Dec 2022, 05:36 UTC • By: 

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Life would be boring if we focused only on functionality and getting stuff done. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, and if Jack has deep pockets, there should be nothing to stop him from having his fun. Unless he’s afraid of taking risks.

There’s a new toy on the market of luxury toys, and it’s all about daring to go outside of your comfort zone. Called the Dragon, from RotorX, it’s a man-drone, a personal air vehicle (PAV), and the “world’s first personal air vehicle of its kind.” It also claims to be extra safe and very stable and, perhaps best of all, it doesn’t require a pilot’s license to operate.

Anyone can fly it, company RotorX says in the very bombastic introduction video available at the bottom of the page… as long as that “anyone” is not heavier than 250 pounds (113.4 kg) or taller than 6’6” (198cm), and has $100,000 to casually spend on a thingy that will get him or her up in the air for a maximum of 20 minutes. This is a toy; there is no utilitarian side to it, so it promises to deliver the fun of a toy.

The Dragon is a lightweight electric aircraft of the eVTOL variety (electric vertical takeoff and landing aircraft) with extra safety measures integrated, which promises the easiest experience. Unlike most eVTOLs under development right now, it’s trying to bypass the legislative hurdles and gray areas with a lightweight design that would require no license.