Robb Report – This One-Person eVTOL Flies You Over Trees at 60 MPH—and You Don’t Even Need a Pilot’s License

DECEMBER 17, 2022

RotorX’s Dragon requires no pilot’s license, while promising flight times of 20 minutes at altitudes of 100 feet. Flying too high? It also comes with a parachute.


RotorX has just opened sales of its one-seat Dragons to wannabe “Star Wars” speeder pilots willing to build their own mini-eVTOLs. The Arizona company says it will begin delivering the flying Dragons next August.

The Dragon will have an eight-prop coaxial layout—think octocopter—with 16-kW electric motors, powered by lithium batteries, for each prop. The multi-engine configuration is designed for redundancy in case of a single engine failure. It will be piloted by joystick, but also comes with a “sensor-drive auto-landing system” for safety. The cool auto-hover feature is ideal for flying over your friends, hovering to gloat.